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Recycling Services
Recycling Services

For Akron residents ONLY!!
There are 3 dumpsters near the Lion’s Paper barn & the City’s water plant (north end of 3rd St.) for your recyclables.  They can be dumped in loosely, in brown paper shopping bags or corrugated cardboard boxes.  Plastic bags ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.   Lids are not accepted—please discard in your household garbage.  Also, please break down/smash the corrugated cardboard boxes as much as possible.  Thank you for recycling!!!


PLASTICS:  clear and colored plastics which include milk jugs, dishwashing liquid bottles, laundry & shampoo bottles, antifreeze jugs and any container that holds a liquid (numbers 1-4).  Clean and rinse as much as a possible.  Discard lids and lid rings.

PAPER & CARDBOARD:  newsprint, computer and white ledger paper, brown paper shopping bags and corrugated cardboard (please break boxes down); glossy magazines, catalogs, and phone books 1/2” or less.

TIN CANS:  please rinse and clean as much as possible.  Please take labels off.

ALUMINUM FOIL CONTAINERS:  foil wrap, foil pie plates, aluminum pans, lasagna trays and foil TV dinner trays, aluminum cans.  Rinse clean, and then crumple.



PLASTICS:  Styrofoam, saran wrap, bread wrappers, shopping bags, fast food containers, rigid plastics, laundry bags and disposable diapers.

PAPER:  waxed paper, waxed cardboard, window envelopes, shoe boxes, cereal boxes, toilet paper, pop and beer boxes.

TIN CANS:  aerosol cans and paint cans

MEDICAL WASTES:  are NOT recyclable and shouldn’t be disposed of in the garbage either.

The Lions paper barn accepts newspaper (no ads) and phone books.

We no longer use the LeMars landfill.  Call City hall for more information 568-2041.