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Accepted Recycling Items
Plastics: clear and colored plastics which include milk jugs, dishwashing liquid bottles, laundry and shampoo bottles, antifreeze jugs and any container that holds a liquid (numbers 1-4). Clean and rinse as much as possible. discard lids and lid rings.

Paper & Cardboard: newsprint, computer and white ledger paper, brown paper shopping bags and corrugated cardboard (please break boxes down)' glossy magazines, catalogs, and phone books 1/2" or less.

Tin Cans: please rinse and clean as much as possible. Take lids off.

Aluminum Foil Containers: foil wrap, foil pie plates, aluminum pans, lasagna trays and foil TV dinner trays, aluminum cans. Rinse clean, and then crumple. 

Not Accepted


Plastics: Styrofoam, saran wrap, bread wrappers, shopping bags, fast food containers, rigid plastics, laundry bags and disposable diapers.

Paper: waxed paper, waxed cardboard, window envelopes, shoe boxes, cereal boxes, toilet paper, pop and beer boxes.

Tin Cans: aerosol cans and paint cans

Medical Wastes: are NOT recyclable and shouldn't be disposed of in the garbage either!